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It’s time to get REAL

Hello my dear readers….it’s me, GS. I’ve been gone a while, learning new stuff to share with all of you! But first things first, I’m gonna get REAL with you.

I started this blog in May 2010 (WHAT! that’s so long ago!) because I wanted a place to drop some serious knowledge on y’all. I wanted it to be a place where we could all discuss anything and everything health-related. And in the past 4 years, this amazing thing happened…people really started to CARE about wellness.  And not just you folks, but across our country, there has been a major groundswell of interest in eating local food, moving (thank you Michelle Obama) and just all around treating your body like a temple…which it is.

But, with all that knowledge comes a LOT of confusion and quackery (yes I did just use quackery in a sentence). Not only are we constantly confronted with conflicting information, but nutrition “experts” are capitalizing on this and selling their product or diet, whether it is scientifically proven or not. And many of these fitness fads actually end up damaging your metabolism or can be DANGEROUS to your health!

But fear not fellow Gothamites, you’re safe with me! It is my personal mission to cut through all the health-related BS and give you some serious, realistic tools to achieve your most balanced, healthiest self. NO GIMMICKS, NO FADS…this is the real deal.

Have a great weekend and stay posted next week for my take on Paleo diet…


Signing off,



p.s. if you have any health-related questions you want answered, post in my comments and I will feature it in my next post (anonymously of course!)