My Big CLEANSExperiment

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about cleanses.  It seems to be the newest celebrity craze for ridding your body of toxins…or whatever.  I think most people sign up for it just to lose weight if you want to call a spade a spade.  So when BluePrint Cleanse showed up at my local Whole Foods, I figured, might as well bite the bullet and see if this stuff is really what it’s purported to be!  I’m using my own body as a test subject for the next 3 and half days to see if this stuff is really what it’s cracked up to be — or just a big can of B.S.

So today I begin what will be 3 and half days of juice and one all vegan, all raw meal.  I signed up for 3 days of the “Foundation Cleanse”, their level 2, “middle of the road” option.  3 green juices which taste light a sweet salad (if there is such a thing!), 1 pineapple/mint/apple juice which tastes like a whole lot of delicious, 1 “spicy lemonade”, and 1 cashew juice (which I am looking forward to like it is manna from heaven).  The juices are labeled with numbers (1-6) in the order to drink them, and they recommend drinking a juice every 2 hours or so — kind of like how often you feed a baby.  I am supposedly flushing my body of toxins and cleansing from the inside out with fresh-pressed juices.  The best part for me?  I can still workout while juicing — in fact they recommend it!  Apparently I will have more energy from drinking all this fresh juice.  And according to the creators of this cleanse, this isn’t about deprivation, it’s about nutrition.  And another good part — the BPC motto is “Work hard, Play hard.  Cleanse. Repeat.”  Not promoting any crunchy, granola lifestyle or raw food diet.  Cleansing for normal folks.

So my verdict so far — halfway through the first day and downing a second green juice.  So far I’m feeling ok.  Around 1 pm I really wanted FOOD — and I think it may be just myself being programmed to want lunch around that time.  Besides having to pee every ten minutes I’m feeling pretty good and not that hungry or deprived.  And this morning the green juice tasted like ass and now it actually tastes kind of decent!  I’m definitely curious how all this juice will hold me over for my 5:30 spin class tonight…hmmm.

Stay posted tomorrow to hear how the rest of my afternoon/evening went, how I will handle D eating dinner in our house while I drink juice, and if I wake up at 3 in the morning like a zombie and empty the contents of the fridge into my mouth….

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  1. Ari says:

    Girl! I can’t wait to hear how this goes! I’ve been interested in trying something like this but water,lemon, syrup and cayenne pepper just DID NOT appeal to me!


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