DAY 2: Cleansexperiment

Ahhh 1 day down, 2 more to go.

Last afternoon and night was…tough.  Spinning class was actually not as hard as I thought it would be.  I had a burst of energy during the second half of class that came out of nowhere!  But, I admit, I was absolutely starving beforehand so I had a quarter of an avocado sliced up (which they recommend if you are really DYING).  It’s a cleanse after all — not some sort of torturous ordeal.

Dinnertime was also another trouble spot.  Although D was very considerate, I was definitely hungry at night and wanted REAL food, and seeing him cooking and eating (eggs! mmm) was not easy.  Also, I felt pretty cold all night long – which I’m assuming was from two things — the fact that is was 0 degrees outside, and also that I wasn’t benefiting from the thermal effect of digesting food.

Also, for some reason when I was watching the tube last night, all they seemed to show were food ads!  Maybe I just noticed it more because I was hungry, but seriously…COME ON!!  So rude.  haha

However, even though last night was a bit of a struggle, this morning I woke up actually feeling refreshed!  I slept well, although I felt SUPER bloated last night from all the juice (probably drinking it too fast — I just chug that juice down).  And, even though weight loss really wasn’t the goal, I was down a pound and a half from yesterday (also probably water weight).  I’m not feeling hungry, and actually feel pretty good and clearheaded.  Hopefully the rest of the day will go easier….

Stay posted for updates….will I reach some state of zen bliss?  will I chew off my own arm?  Who knows what will happen……

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