Gotham Skinny RANT

Ok guys.  So I usually don’t try to be preachy to people about being healthy, because:

A.  It’s just silly and you should never make someone “feel bad” about their lifestyle.


B.  It just ain’t my style.

So you know that something has got to be really annoying to make me feel like I need to resort to this measure.  But I just have to say SOMETHING.

So back to my story.  This morning I get to the elevator after heading back from the gym.  Of course I am sweaty and gross and really feel like taking a shower ASAP.  I get in the elevator, press my floor, and then a perfectly healthy, normal looking guy presses floor number 2.  2!!!  And of course the elevator isn’t working properly so we’re stuck on 2 for an eternity while I’m trying my best to control my inadvertent eye rolling and foot-tapping.

I guess the reason I feel so annoyed is because of the fact that this guy was completely healthy, wasn’t laden down with bags or children or dogs, didn’t have any disabilities, and yet still couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs.  One flight!  Beyond being a huge pet peeve of mine, it just doesn’t make  any sense.

So much research exists which supports the idea that little changes — whether it be taking a couple of flights of stairs to your office every day, using skim milk instead of half and half in your coffee, or using whole wheat bread instead of sourdough for your turkey sandwich, make such a HUGE difference in terms of your overall health.  It’s not about weight loss (although some of these changes certainly help), it’s about living longer, stronger and happier lives.

So here’s a little challenge — and I’m going do it with you.  For the rest of the week, whenever you have the option to take the elevator, if you’re going lower than 5 flights, take the stairs.  If you have to get somewhere and it’s less than 10 blocks, walk (do not subway or cab) — and no, wearing heels is NOT an excuse (I’ve used that one too many times to count).  And tell your friends, coworkers, parents, significant others, etc.. to join you!  It’s going to take a little getting used to at first (I’m sure D will lovingly remind me about it on Saturday night), but I challenge you to try making these little changes and see how you feel.  You might surprise yourself.

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