“Try something new” SUNDAY

Happy Sunday!

I must admit – I hate Sundays.  Ever since I was little, Sunday always made me feel kind of down – a “case of the blahs” if you will.  It meant that school/work was in front of me, and the carefree, relaxing weekend was behind.  And while the idea of wearing my PJs to work on Monday might make me feel infinitely better – it wasn’t a very good solution to my problem.

So today I decided to start a little tradition that will shake up my Sundays.  Something revolutionary.  Something groundbreaking.

I now introduce to you…..“Try Something New” Sundays.

What is this craziness that I talk about?  Starting now, every Sunday I am going to try something new.  Whether it be that boxing class at the gym that I keep saying I’ll do, but then don’t have the time, to renting bikes and riding up and down the Westside Highway, to trying out that new sushi place around the corner.  The only rule is that the “new” thing has to be be active or healthy in some way (i.e.sitting on the couch watching Millionaire Matchmaker reruns does not count).  After all, all those endorphins I build up should help with my bad mood and set me up for feeling refreshed and ready to power through the next week.  Plus, physical activity that is different from the norm tests your muscles in new ways and gets you out of your workout rut – helping you score a more rockin bod and outlook.

So I challenge you to take on “Try Something New” Sundays with me.  Who knows…shaking up your routine might just shake up your attitude!

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